What Is Dance?

What's up? It's Can!

If you're reading this, you've now entered a space shared by like minded folks who want to achieve one goal: Successful Dancing.

Before I write any further, I'd like to give a huge shout out to Poreotics. If you don't know about Poreotics, we are a dance company that travels all around the world to do what we do best: entertain people through dance. This is a business that my friends and I officially formed in 2007 and we've been through many obstacles to get to where we are today. I wouldn't have created this blog if it weren't for Poreotics. If you want to see what we do, click here.

Now let's dive right into the meat of things.

Today I'll be providing you with my unique perspective on dance. I'll also provide a core concept that will help you unlock your mind to the way you dance. These are the things that I personally figured out during my 14+ years of dancing.


You and I have something in common. We are passionate about growing and learning everything there is to know about the things we love doing. One of those things is Dance.

Here's my definition of dance:

Dance is a form of COMMUNICATION that involves ANY type of rhythmic movement of ANY living thing/object in the UNIVERSE. Dancing is ALWAYS performed in front of an audience whether you're alone or not.

Was that a little different than you expected? I'll explain why this is MY definition so that you can better understand my point of view.

Dance is a form of art, yes? Sure. What is art? Is it just painting and drawing and creating nothing from something or whatever you've learned in school? Or is it simply another form of COMMUNICATION?

Art can be found anywhere. The way you write, the way you speak, the way you look, the way you DANCE is all some form of art. It can even be found in nature! Most people dance to express their emotions, their techniques, and they project their persona in the form of movement as a means of communication. At least that's how I see it...

If dancing is a way of communicating, have you ever considered WHAT you're actually saying to your audience? Are you telling them that you're sad? happy? frustrated? excited? Or are you just tryin' to get down and have a good time?

The keyword here is Consciousness.

A Core Concept of Successful Dancing:

Are you conscious when you dance? Are you woke? Are you thinking while you dance or are you just going with the flow or are you just doing what you rehearsed? Chances are, you've probably done all of these things all at once without realizing it.

I've been asked before by my friend Mino, "What do you THINK about when you dance? Are you thinking at all?" My answer is a little complex:


What does it depend on? My audience, of course. Am I free-styling in a dance cypher with my homies? Am I performing live on stage at the Convention Center? Am I just practicing in my bedroom with a tiny little mirror?

Let's answer all of those questions right now so you can get a good idea about what to THINK while you're dancing. That's right. I'm giving you your first exercise. Apply any of these ways of thinking every time you dance and see what fits YOU the best:

1. Free-styling In A Dance Circle With My Homies/Random People

  • Think about what the song is telling you to do and just follow the music

  • Think about what moves your friends haven't seen and try it and see if they react to it

  • Think about NOTHING and just let loose

2. Live Performance In Front Of A Large Audience

  • If you're free-styling, DEFINITELY think about what moves your audience will like or they'll get bored

  • If you're doing choreography and you practiced right, you shouldn't have to think at all and let your muscle memory do the work. When you think too much, you'll often lose focus of the NOW and that could lead to messing up.

3. Practicing In My Bedroom

  • Think about what moves you HAVEN'T done and try it out. This way, you can judge yourself and see if you like the move or not without the pressure of people staring at you. You ARE the audience.

  • Think about the moves you're already comfortable with. Now think about how can you do the same move but different

Is there a wrong or right way of doing this? Not necessarily. There are MANY ways, this is just my way of thinking when I dance. If you have another way of thinking that works for you, do that and then try it my way because you never know what new ideas might form when you keep an open mind.

Thank you so much for joining me for this read. I hope you found it useful. If so, please tell your friends or anyone who would be interested in this blog to join my e-mail blog: successfuldancing.com

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Stay connected and keep on dancing!

-Can the man