How Set Goals For Successful Dancing

Today I'll be providing you with my definition of what it means to be successful because in order to be a successful dancer, you must learn what success is. Then I'll give you a few tips on how I break down my goals to achieve success.

It's a word you've often heard about. Knowing it's true meaning can shape you into who you want to be. I'm talking about the word "SUCCESS."

There are many ways to define success but which one is the true definition? I've read many self-help books and one of my favorites is Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich."

His definition is this: SUCCESS is the attainment of your definite chief aim without violating the rights of other people.

My definition: SUCCESS is continuously completing goals that were created to benefit your life and the people around you in a positive way.

I'm convinced that this is my definition of success because I'm the one who defines what success means to me. This is a very unique word because its definition can change depending on the person. If you think success means to be rich, smart, or talented--great! But now you have to be specific.

Your goals for success should be as detailed as possible. If you want to be smart, what do you need to learn? If you want to be rich, how much money do you need to make? If you want to be a successful dancer, how can you improve your dance?

Is your goal clearly defined? Or are you not sure? I can give you a few examples of some goals that may lead you to becoming a successful dancer depending on what your definition of success is.

Before we begin, these are the basic requirements you will need to be successful with your goals:

  • Desire: You need to want it badly enough

  • Faith: You have to believe you can do it

  • Knowledge: You must be resourceful and know your craft

  • Imagination: You must have an imagination in order to create new ideas

  • Decision: You must be able to make decisions quickly and not procrastinate

  • Persistence: Be consistent and commit

All this information came from "Think and Grow Rich." It's an old book but it's filled with good advice. Definitely worth checking out.

Example goals (no particular order):

  • Book your first gig

  • Book 1 gig a month

  • Travel once a month to teach or perform

  • Create a dance show with your friends

  • Create 1 dance video a week

  • Create a posting schedule for Social Media

  • Teach a dance class every week

  • Create a dance school

  • Learn a new move

  • Learn 1 new move every month

  • Start a dance company

  • Learn a new dance style

  • Create a dance clothing company

  • Choreograph 1 piece a month

  • Choreograph for other teams and get paid

  • Start a dance blog to help dancers achieve their goals (This one's mine lol) 

And the list goes on and on..Just make sure you TAKE ACTION and try at least one of these goals. If you noticed, some of these goals can be broken down into easier goals.

Some goals can be achieved relatively quickly and some may take a lot longer, it depends on your desire to achieve. If you've never done any of these goals, start with the small ones to get yourself going without feeling like it's too overwhelming.

Whatever your goals are, make sure you are crystal clear about them.

"ANYTHING is achievable depending on how bad you want it."

Hopefully you've heard this saying before and understand it. If you haven't, here it is and you're welcome. Have faith in yourself. Some people think everything is impossible. It's really not. If PEOPLE can fly to the moon, anything is possible. If it's impossible, It's either due to the laws of physics or you just haven't found a way yet.

How to Breakdown and Choose The Right Goals:

I suggest you follow along and write down your goals if you haven't already and I'll show you how I work when it comes to goal creation. Remember that everyone does things differently. Do what works for YOU.

Example of a Goal Breakdown:
On a piece of paper or word document, write down Goal, Why, Specify and How.

GOAL: Choreograph one piece a month for a year.

WHY: Because I want to improve my choreography skills

Figuring out why you do things helps you choose goals that fit who you are as an individual. Anyone can complete goals but if those goals don't resonate with your WHY, you might end up quitting that goal to chase a new one. Don't waste your time and figure out a good reason to have those goals.

SPECIFY: (This is where you figure out exactly what you're doing)

I want to get into the habit of choreographing at least one piece a month for as long as I can and improve my choreography skills so that I can work with other choreographers and create good content for my audience.

If you're stuck, asking questions can help you clarify your goals.

For this example, I would ask:

Will choreographing one piece a month IMPROVE my choreography skills or will I have to do more? How much do I want to improve? Is there someone I compare myself to in order to see where my skills are at? Am I trying to get good enough to teach at a dance studio or collaborate with others? Be specific on your level of improvement.

Set a time period:

Is your goal to choreograph one piece a month for a year? For 5 years? Forever? Is your goal to choreograph enough pieces that will allow you to put together a 30 minute show? Find a definite stopping point for your goal if you can.

If you are still stuck, try to ask other dancers what their goals are to get a better idea. Keep asking more questions until it's absolutely clear to you.

Seeing your goals clearly is one of the most important things when it comes to success.


Pick a section of a song to choreograph to. Then create moves and put them into counts that match with the music. I'll repeat this until I've completed the piece to my satisfaction. Once I get into the habit of choreographing monthly, I will reach out to other choreographers and try to get collaborations going.

Keep in mind, this is only an example so your 'HOW' section will be different from mine because people do things differently but can get the same result. There is a lot of information out there about how to do things and there are a lot of people that can teach you how to choreograph. Just remember, I'm not here to teach you how to dance, I'm here to teach you how to THINK.

If you don't put THOUGHT into your choreography goals, you'd just be doing it aimlessly. You HAVE to think before you spend all that time dancing and practicing to become a successful dancer.

We all make mistakes so don't worry if you end up changing your mind about your goals. It happens. As long as you find what's right for your path.

Here's my REAL goal that I'm working on:

GOAL: Being able to dance WHEN I want, WHEREVER I want for the rest of my life.

WHY: Because I value my time and my freedom.

I've only recently set this goal because I finally figured out my WHY. Before, my goals were to win dance competitions, travel the world to dance, and that was about it. I thought I would be happy achieving these goals but I still felt like something was missing.

I felt like I was meant to do a lot more than just dance. I am more than just a dancer and I'm constantly seeking growth in myself as a person and that requires a lot of time and a whole lot of freedom. Once I realized that I value time a lot more than I did before, I created this goal.


I want to dance on my own schedule and not have other jobs get in the way. I want to have enough money to travel wherever I want and film dance videos in new places if I wanted to.

What that goal actually means is to have freedom to do whatever I want with my life without anyone telling me what to do.

I want to be able to make time for dance on whatever day I wish. I want to travel wherever I want and make dance videos in new places which requires money for certain things. My goal heavily depends on the amount of money I want to make and the way I manage my time. Welcome to being an adult.


Create content that will help educate and build my audience. This content includes videos, blogs, programs, interviews, and more. Once I've built a great audience, I can make money by offering products and services that benefit them. The people come first and the products come after.

I need to be able to make $1,600 a day to achieve my goal. I'll achieve my goal by improving my business skills and create my own business that will help me make that amount. This of course ties directly to my business with Poreotics and my own projects. I can sell clothing, teach classes, perform, and create new products for people to enjoy. All of these things can help me reach my goal.

I chose $1600 because I did an exercise from a book called "F.U. Money" that made me write down everything I ever wanted to have. I added it up and divided it into days so that I can have a manageable number. You should totally read that book if one of your goals is to make money.

There's nothing wrong with that being a goal because money will pay for your living expenses which you need to take care of if you want to dance anytime and anywhere.

Start small..

If you break your goals down into more manageable goals, it makes them feel easier to achieve. I'm not saying that things will be easy, I'm saying to make your goals clear enough and realistic so that you don't feel like its a huge task that can never be accomplished.

When I first started dancing, I did shows at my high school lunch assemblies and competed at small hip-hop competitions. My first goals were tiny but I had to start somewhere. Now, I've gone far enough in my dance career and have read many books to help me help you come up with a system for goal creation. I hope these tips work for you because it's been doing wonders for me.

The most recent goal I achieved was starting this blog. My goal was to start a blog to help dancers like you and me, become successful. If you're reading this, YOU are apart of seeing my dream come to life! Thank you for existing!

I love this blog because this is something that benefits both of us. It benefits me because I get to flex my blogging/business skills. It benefits you because you get to attain knowledge and insight from a dancer who's been there, done that AND I'm also still learning WITH you.

Now you have to figure out what it means for YOU to become successful at dance. Set those goals. Write them down and figure out your WHY. Once you know your goals, ask yourself this:

Will this goal lead me to success?

If so, by all means, GO FOR IT.

Thank you SO much for joining me for this read. I hope you found it useful. If so, please tell your friends or anyone who would be interested in this blog.

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Stay connected and keep on dancing!

-Can the man